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She Will Live !!

TRUE DESIRE in the heart for anything good is God's proof to you, sent before hand to indicate that it's yours already. You Already Have It! Claim It! Dreams without goals remain dreams and ultimately, fuel disappointment. Goals on the road to Achievement cannot be achieved without Discipline and Consistency. 

​Put your shoes way under the bed at night, so you have to get on your knees in the morning to find them. And while you're down there, Thank God for Grace & Mercy . . .


Continuing her journey of many challenges, sacrifices, and blessings, Tenille confronted homelessness, served her internship in New York, worked part-time and had also transferred to the Art Institute of NY. She initiated a women’s empowerment group while a resident in a Brooklyn shelter for woman. She facilitated the group to create harmony and support among women seeking encouragement and a better quality of life.

Determined to obtain her degree, work various minimum wage jobs and serve her internship, It was her struggle through life's many challenges that helped Tenille realize her dreams were much bigger than fashion. She decided that helping children follow their dreams was her greatest ambition. More than 20 years after pressing forward along a broken path to her dreams, Tenille graduated from the Fashion Institute of  Technology in Milan, Italy in 2016 and received her Bachelors Degree when She transitioned her tassel and threw up her cap in Queens, NY (2017).


Tenille Warren began her life as an artist at age 6. Raised in Washington, DC by her mother, sister and AMAZING grandparents, her life as an artist was set into motion. Her mom being her number one fan, her sister's determination to keep her on the right path and her grandparents unlimited creative inspiration, Tenille had discovered a way to bring hope to life through art. She was one of several DC students selected as a member of the “I Have A Dream Foundation” which provided a mentorship program and college scholarship to grant children of low income families greater opportunities. With the advisement of her mentor (Steve Bumbaugh) she attended and graduated from Duke Ellington School of the Arts in 1994 with ambitions to relocate to New York to attend the Fashion Institute of  Technology. Overwhelmed by fear and doubt, she delayed her pursuit and received an Associate’s Degree from a local college. However, she never abandoned her dreams. ​

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Tenille Warren is honored by The Education Fund of the Women's Forum of New York. The WF provides annual Awards to encourage mature women of need to fulfill their potential through the pursuit of an undergraduate college education and to enhance their capacities to provide productive and supportive service to their communities.

The Award recognizes extraordinary and often heroic effort in overcoming adversity and the most daunting of odds in restructuring lives for success. Since 1987 the recipients of these Awards have provided inspiration to those who have come to know and admire their determination. Virtually all have successfully earned college degrees; many have gone on to Masters degrees, particularly in the fields of education and social work. The Education Fund also holds symposiums, which are open to the public on important social and economic topics of the day.

Tenille Warren

Herein lies the Opportunity for the Negro Artist to become a world reformer. Will [She] see it and Live or Become the mere imitation of others and die?

- Tenille Warren

Everything that I am, Praise the Lord!

To learn more about the artist, view the feature documentary Southeast 67, which tells a story of

Hope and Dreams for youth growing up in Washington, DC.

Born with a Crayon

Over the next decade, Tenille would maintain a very prosperous career in business management and design, and serve the community through various organizations and initiatives. In 2004, she revisited her childhood dream to become a fashion designer, she applied to FIT in NY and was rejected twice. Tenille chose to continue her journey in spite of numerous rejections and created other opportunities to explore and express her creativity. Advised by her sister, she introduced her talents to Deron Cloud, Pastor of The Soul Factory Church. Eventually she relocated to Atlanta, GA, where she served as Creative Designer for The Soul Factory Theatre, visual merchandiser & buyer’s assistant for several privately owned boutiques and also attended the Art Institute of Atlanta to study Fashion Business Management. All the while, she aggressively pursued the apparel company ROCAWEAR, and later served their design team in NY. 

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Tenille continues to take a bold & passionate stand against the effects of poverty and hopelessness by teaching children arts and entrepreneurship through partnerships with local businesses, schools, churches and other community service initiatives.

- Carter G. Woodson