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Broken Rose


  • All I Have to Give3:54
  • All I Have to Give3:54

Broken Rose explores the persistent romantic battle of Love against Despair as seen through a journey in a world full of Beautiful Chaos. Inspired by scenes of destruction throughout various occasions and places in life, classic garments such as full flare or pencil skirts in midi lengths, cropped pants, and blazers, are frayed, distressed, layered and patched to define the endurance of glamour in spite of a lifetime of moral and cultural decay. This collection breathes the luxury and craftsmanship of men’s tailoring and exhales very delicate updates to women’s apparel to emphasize the ability to translate suiting into a ultra feminine wardrobe.

Broken Rose seamlessly fuses wrath with fantasy and elegance to create fragile silhouettes. Mixed textiles remain resilient and aesthetically pleasing throughout the distress of modern society. Traditional patterns like plaid and argyle explore sheer constructions or faded techniques. Prints take a minimal presence in the collection, but not a void. Abstract roses and random red splatter treat the collection with an evocative, yet alluring approach to society’s menace. All in all, this sundry styling of classics silhouettes and discarded luxurious remnants, resist the darkness of humanity’s new social order with the harmony and simplicity of a world forgotten . This collection aims to expose the deterioration of the new world while also illuminating its greatest beauty against its worst...

The Beauty of Love's Creation against the Torments of Today’s Society